Marketing Management Toolkit:
Engaging Scenarios with SAP Marketing Tools

Plan your campaigns, engage with customers, and drive leads with SAP Marketing analytics tools.

Digital Marketing Tools for Targeted Engagement

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Marketing Analytics:
Nurture Your Customers

SAP Marketing analytics tools help you understand, engage, and nurture your customers.

SAP Marketing Cloud: a 360-Degree Marketing Solution.

From lead management to commerce and loyalty marketing – make the agile decisions that give you the edge, with accurate and actionable customer data.

SAP Gold Partner Influential Software

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Create Your Own SAP Marketing Analytics Toolset

SAP Marketing Analytics includes tools for profiling, segmentation, campaigns, commerce, planning, loyalty, lead management, and attribution, as well as marketing analytics.

SAP Customer Profiling

SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to understand your customers better than ever.

Through the Profile Dashboard, you can analyse the interests, sentiments, and channels of your customers. Use these insights to create personalised messaging that engages your customers long-term.

 SAP Marketing Segmentation and Campaigns

Analyse and act on marketing data as it appears.

Feed insights into campaigns and reach the right audience through the right channel.
Enable customer scoring and KPIs for ever-improving campaigns.

Plus: SAP’s connection with Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching your next customers.

 SAP Commerce Marketing

Marketing Analytics - SAP Marketing CloudConnect your marketing and commerce systems.

Create customer profiles that make your commerce experience really relevant. Transform your omni-channel commerce strategy on the basis of marketing insights.

If customers leave items in their shopping carts, SAP Marketing Cloud helps you make targeted campaigns to close the sale. Self-learning software delivers intelligent recommendations to customers based on their interactions.

 SAP Marketing Analytics

Great marketing is about quality, not quantity.

SAP marketing analytics reports give you the detailed data you need. By understanding which of your marketing techniques are performing and which aren’t, you can make objective decisions that drive real improvement.

SAP Marketing Planning and Performance

SAP’s marketing planning software gives you flexible control over an increasing number of marketing systems. This crucial overview lets you plan strategically before digging down into the analytical details.

SAP Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty has two aims: to build deep engagement through a rewards system and to better understand your customers’ behaviour through their interactions.

SAP Marketing Cloud keeps your customers engaged with tools such as reviews and referrals.

 SAP Lead Management and Nurture

Marketing Analytics - SAP Marketing CloudFor real results, sales and marketing should work together.

SAP Marketing Cloud brings that collaboration to life. With tools that generate, nurture, and transfer leads to sales, marketing can easily share its knowledge and expertise.

 SAP Customer Attribution

This multi-touch attribution tool makes it simple to understand which channels and touchpoints are reaching and converting your customers.

With patented machine-learning technology, you can see how your activities are affecting customers in real-time. SAP’s use of collaborative game theory sharpens the insights that inform your marketing decisions.