Agile Marketing Cloud with SAP Hybris Marketing Tech

SAP’s New Marketing Platform with Powerful In-Memory Computing

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Optimise Marketing Agility
Formerly SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP’s latest Marketing Cloud Platform connects all of your channels for optimum marketing agility.
Powered by SAP HANA
SAP HANA’s in-memory data platform provides the speed, reliability, flexibility, scalability, integration, and deployment options to help your marketing campaigns succeed.

Is your business in need of a cutting-edge marketing platform?


Maximise Your Returns with SAP-Certified Services

Our SAP Marketing Cloud team works to create the most tailored and flexible solution for you.

  • Personalise campaigns across channels with real-time, high-performance segmentation.
  • Use machine learning to send targeted recommendations to turn interest into sales.
  • Understand your customers’ intentions and motivations to inform personalised strategies.
  • Use explicit and implicit customer data to rapidly capitalise on opportunities.

SAP HANA Marketing & SAP Fiori Marketing

The SAP Marketing Cloud combines three SAP innovations for an unrivaled marketing platform:

SAP HANA in-memory platform
A business data platform that delivers data-driven insights for users throughout your organisation
SAP Fiori user experience
A simplified, personalised the user experience (UX) across all lines of business, tasks, and devices.
A fully scalable and secure service for applications in a secure cloud computing environment.

With fast set up, built-in extensibility, and integration with existing SAP products, you are guaranteed a quick and long-lasting return on your investment.

Fast and reliable
Advanced SAP HANA memory platform enables real-time access to millions of contacts with billions of interactions.
Quick to set up
The role-based SAP Fiori 2.0 user experience makes it simple to get started with SAP Marketing Cloud.
The SAP Marketing platform supports simple fine-tuning to suit your future requirements.
Easily scalable
Web-based extensibility is built in, while the SAP HANA Cloud Platform lets you build extensive applications.
Open to integration
Use standards-based web services to integrate any sources or channels you need.
Different deployments
SAP Marketing Cloud is available as a public cloud service, private cloud, on-premise offering.

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